Death of a Dream

By Sarah Delamarter / May 16, 2017 /

I have always assumed that there would be one more. That we had one more child coming our way. Always.  Why not? I remember the day that we left the hospital with our 3rd baby and we took the always exciting family photo outside of the hospital before we headed home as a family of… Continue reading →

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The Wait.

By Sarah Delamarter / April 11, 2017 /

How long will this wait last? I’ve heard about “the wait”. I’ve read that its hard. I’ve read that its unpredictable. I’ve read that it will break you and rebuild you. Its all true. I’ve heard that it will be worth it. I choose to believe that. Where are you my child? I’ve held the…

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Knocked Sideways- Resolution-ish. 

By Sarah Delamarter / March 26, 2017 /

Today I woke up feeling encouraged. With this paperwork from Haiti situation, I have been so knocked sideways by how unexpected it was and the thought that an entire country could tell me that we are not a fit enough family to raise one of their own, man that hurts. I’ve been mad. Sad. Angry.…

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4:30 on October 30th

By Sarah Delamarter / March 21, 2017 /

At 4:30 pm on October 30, 2016 I submitted our official application to adopt from Haiti to All Gods Children International.   Hopefully we will hear back rather quickly about whether or not we can pursue the twins we saw online.   Knowing that if they are ours, they are already ours. God knows. We…

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It was decided! 

By Sarah Delamarter / February 2, 2017 /

It was decided at 6:24 am on Friday January 27th 2017 while Daren was standing in the shower and I was brushing my teeth. We get to adopt from Haiti!!!!! It’s so funny. I was excepting some big moment. Some big life changing conversation where I would laugh and cry. In reality Daren was in […]

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