Hot Wings from Heaven

By Sarah Delamarter / February 2, 2009 /

Ten months ago I didn’t cook. I could muster up a chicken breast and some plain brown rice but that was the extent of my cooking repertoire.  As irony would have it, I actually had a kitchen shower as one of my bridal showers and I got all sorts of neat looking gadgets and big…

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The Green Room

By Sarah Delamarter / December 6, 2007 /

Daren loves me, he really loves me. How do I know this? What great act of love did he do to show me this and allow me to speak with such confidence about his love and commitment? DAREN SANG KARAOKE! Its true, Daren sang karaoke for the first time in his entire life. We were…

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Love and Laundry

By Sarah Delamarter / October 17, 2007 /

Laundry = Romance. Is this a sign of things to come in my life as a future wife and mother or was it just one of those spontaneous moments that I will always remember as special. I chose to believe the latter. Never before has folding laundry been a romantic experience for me. Most of…

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The Great Back Hair Debate of 2007

By Sarah Delamarter / October 15, 2007 /

Throughout history there have been various major significant events that go on to shape the future of the world. War is often a part of these defining moments. The Great Depression. The Holocaust. The Great Potato Shortage in Ireland. These events created an atmosphere of strife and of determination in those who lived through them.…

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