18th Annual Lincoln City Trialthon

By Sarah Delamarter / September 8, 2008 /

#455 made it through alive! Yesterday I did it. I raced in and completed my first Triathlon and it was hard, scary and awesome. The race was qualified as a Sprint Triathlon and consisted of a .75 K swim in Devils Lake, a 10 mile very hilly bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run to…

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From motorbikes to streetbikes

By Sarah Delamarter / July 21, 2008 /

This weekend Daren and I traded in the Harley from last weekend and decided to hit the town on good old fashion bicycles. Daren has spent a lot of time in his life on bikes. His family used to take long family vacations on their bikes and cruise mountain passes with all of their essentials…

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A New Direction

By Sarah Delamarter / July 11, 2008 /

Within the past 36 hours I have decided to take my fitness in a new direction. As far as the classic athletic talents go I have basically been nothing but a runner my whole life. I have enjoyed the occasional kick boxing video with Billy Blanks, a few rounds of Buns of Steel, and of…

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I am a runner

By Sarah Delamarter / January 28, 2008 /

There are many things about being with Daren that make me feel like I have come home. Back in the day I used to run. I ran well and was good at it. It was part of my identity. Over the years and one knee surgery later I no longer ran and hadn’t even fully…

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