Did you do anything today?

By Sarah Delamarter / April 12, 2011 /

I write an aweful lot of blog posts and journal entries in my head these days, but I cannot seem to find the time to actually put them down on post or paper. So in lieu of my own thoughts and insights I am posting someone else’s, with whom I agree and whose work I…

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Easy as 1,2,3…

By Sarah Delamarter / December 23, 2010 /

One, two, three and we are four. The blessings abound this Christmastime in our home as we welcomed our second daughter 6 days ago today. We are stunned that we have been blessed with two special girls to call our own. I was so certain that we were having a boy that I almost took…

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” our baby will not________”

By Sarah Delamarter / October 26, 2010 /

Its incredible how time can slow down so much yet pass so quickly. A short trip to the garbage can now takes several minutes as my one year old pleads with me to grab her hands and let her walk with me there and back, yet I have never seen a year fly by like…

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You’ve got personality

By Sarah Delamarter / October 20, 2010 /

A brief glimpse into the developing personality of my fantastic child. This morning while sharing breakfast at an outdoor cafe I turned back to Georgia just in time to see her drop her piece of croissant to feed the friendly white bird that had come over to say hi. I laughed and said ” no…

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I’m in that place

By Sarah Delamarter / September 7, 2010 /

Its been three nights since I’ve slept well. I’ve been up for everything from the sudden increase in trips to the bathroom, rain on the windows, the dog rolling around the having his own personal play date at midnight, my husbands sleep sounds, my baby crying and of course, my favorite of all of my…

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I want this to be a girl…no boy…no girl…no boy

By Sarah Delamarter / September 3, 2010 /

This baby is baking away perfectly in my belly. We are in our 24th week which means we have entered into Viable Baby Zone and are nearing the end of our second trimester. Daren and I choose to take the high road and not find out early who we are having. We love it and…

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You must’ve been a beautiful baby

By Sarah Delamarter / August 25, 2010 /

My heart. My Girl. My baby. I’m having a bit of a baby breakdown today. Make that a full on baby breakdown. I’m not ready for this beautiful baby girl to no longer be my baby. I understand that I will not be trading out babies at the hospital or anything. I know that they…

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5 months, 5 Miles and a 5 K

By Sarah Delamarter / August 9, 2010 /

When Julie ran her marathon I cried. As I sat in the chair in our living room with my cell phone in hand anxiously receiving text updates as she passed each marker, talking to my mom on our land line and my computer screen filled with the Seattle Rock-n-Roll course map, pace sheets, and the…

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Miss G in her LittleG’s – gDiaper trial day 1

By Sarah Delamarter / August 7, 2010 /

As life would have it, I have found a touch of hippie in me and Motherhood has been really trying to bring it out. I’ve been trying to make my own baby food, but Georgia won’t eat it. This fact makes me laugh every time I think of it. She prefers the organic stuff in…

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A moment

By Sarah Delamarter / August 3, 2010 /

I was trying to capture a fun posed picture with Georgia smiling and then this happened and my heart grew. Its the first picture of my two babies. 20 weeks pregnant with Lil B The Sequel and my 9 month old Georgia.

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