Easy as 1,2,3…

By Sarah Delamarter / December 23, 2010 /

One, two, three and we are four. The blessings abound this Christmastime in our home as we welcomed our second daughter 6 days ago today. We are stunned that we have been blessed with two special girls to call our own. I was so certain that we were having a boy that I almost took…

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Suck It Spica!

By Sarah Delamarter / November 24, 2010 /

On this date, Tuesday November 23rd of Two thousand and ten Hip Dysplasia can suck it. Georgia is walking!

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When I’m Overwhelmed

By Sarah Delamarter / October 26, 2010 /

On the days I feel most overwhelmed about how I’m going to handle our nearly Irish Twin babes I think of this and am grateful for my opportunity to even be overwhelmed by my children.

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You’ve got personality

By Sarah Delamarter / October 20, 2010 /

A brief glimpse into the developing personality of my fantastic child. This morning while sharing breakfast at an outdoor cafe I turned back to Georgia just in time to see her drop her piece of croissant to feed the friendly white bird that had come over to say hi. I laughed and said ” no…

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By Sarah Delamarter / August 30, 2010 /

At 10 months old my Georgia Girl can sleep through the night, feed herself finger foods, roll over every which way and pull herself up when holding onto you hands, both of these being extra exciting after all of her months in various forms of braces and casts due to her hip dysplasia, she can…

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A moment

By Sarah Delamarter / August 3, 2010 /

I was trying to capture a fun posed picture with Georgia smiling and then this happened and my heart grew. Its the first picture of my two babies. 20 weeks pregnant with Lil B The Sequel and my 9 month old Georgia.

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How to woo your wife and build a fort

By Sarah Delamarter / August 3, 2010 /

I have yet to find anything sweeter than finding my husband playing with our baby. To hear him reading her a bedtime story through the baby monitor melts my heart like never before and she sparkles the minute he walks into a room. As I was cooking breakfast recently I heard squeals of laughter coming…

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Wait a minute…

By Sarah Delamarter / July 24, 2010 /

I am entirely uncomfortable with how old she looks in these photos. Unquestionably adorable! But much much too mature for my liking today. This combine with our first Mother Daughter “I can do it myself” episode yesterday and I can’t believe we are here already. Next thing you know we’ll be shipping her off to…

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Nine Months Old

By Sarah Delamarter / July 16, 2010 /

Our Miss Georgia Sweet is Nine Months Old today. She loves to dance, talk, laugh and smile, see the cows at the Farm and pet, pat, hit and pull at Boomer, who takes it all in perfect stride. Her Daddy is the funniest person alive according to her and she screams with laughter nearly every…

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By Sarah Delamarter / July 13, 2010 /

Daddy and Georgia came up with a brave new game. Part of me thinks “Hooray! She’s brave!” and the other part of me thinks ” Oh no. She’s brave.” Either way, our brave nearly 9 month old rocks.

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