Love is like a greased pig

By Sarah Delamarter / September 9, 2009 /

A realistic and poignant take on love by Mark Gungor of “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage” “I just don’t feel what I used to feel for you.”“I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore.”“I believe I’ve found my soul mate…and it isn’t you.”Or as the Righteous Brothers sang, “You’ve lost…

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Caught up

By Sarah Delamarter / August 13, 2009 /

I am caught up. Caught up in my pregnancy. Caught up in my worries, my fears, my anxieties, my hopes and dreams, my symptoms, my back pain, cellulite and spider veins. I mull over my hurt feelings, my emotions, my relationships, the changes happening to me. The common thread in all of this is me.…

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Sane or Not Sane…Back off I’m pregnant

By Sarah Delamarter / July 8, 2009 /

In pregnancy a lot of things go missing.  You lose your toes, you lose your eyesight. Your hipbones and cheekbones turn up missing all of the sudden. Sleeping , because now is when you need it, is a joke. Your waist disappears and you say a long goodbye to all of those cute clothes you…

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Hot Wings from Heaven

By Sarah Delamarter / February 2, 2009 /

Ten months ago I didn’t cook. I could muster up a chicken breast and some plain brown rice but that was the extent of my cooking repertoire.  As irony would have it, I actually had a kitchen shower as one of my bridal showers and I got all sorts of neat looking gadgets and big…

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By Sarah Delamarter / January 29, 2009 /

Its time to be transparent. Its time for me to admit to my private struggles in order for Gods works in my life to truly shine. I have a theory that as we keep our battles, hurts, and fears private it tends to dampen how others see our God at work. Of course we praise…

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By Sarah Delamarter / January 16, 2009 /

Last night we had another discussion that lasted well past the hour of the nightly dog walk.  Finally, at a peak point in the stand off Boomer, whom I love and adore and have raised since puppyhood, walked over and peed on my foot. Dog Decision Score: 1:1

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Mans Best Friend

By Sarah Delamarter / January 15, 2009 /

Turns out, in the Benson home man’s best friend is actually the woman’s right hand man. Last night Daren and I began a…discussion.  This discussion may have involved raised voices and then a lot a tense silence that continued on into this morning.  As the two of us stood in the kitchen this morning eating…

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Christmas Morning at The Benson’s

By Sarah Delamarter / December 29, 2008 /

Favorite Christmas Presents 2008

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Arctic Blast 2008- Our Back Yard

By Sarah Delamarter / December 22, 2008 /

Initially I made the bad decision to not wear a hat… I love being downtown in the snow. Everything is all lit up like a Christmastree. Eventually I found my hat.

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O Christmas Tree

By Sarah Delamarter / December 19, 2008 /

DREAM CHRISTMAS TREE DAY Daren and I wake to a crisp clear day. We talk animatedly about our up coming adventure over a morning up of coffee before we load up the dogs in the truck and head out in search of this years perfect tree. After a nice 45 minute drive with Christmas music…

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