Dear Jane,

By Sarah Delamarter / June 16, 2008 /

Jane Neal of Blue Moon Travel is the master travel agent behind our once in a lifetime dream honeymoon. Thank you Jane! If anyone else is interested in taking a trip I highly suggest that you give Jane a call and enlist her travel expertise and planning powers at 800-452-8110. Our trip was fantastic and…

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Day 11- Honey I’m coming home

By Sarah Delamarter / June 16, 2008 /

They aren’t kidding when they say check out is at 11:00. We were called at 10:50 and told someone would be there to pick up our bags in 5 minutes. We walked out and the cleaning crew walked into bungalow 206 literally right behind us. We woke up early, went to breakfast and took one…

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Day 10- Our last full day in Bora Bora

By Sarah Delamarter / June 11, 2008 /

Its true. We have both loved it here but we are feeling ready to go home. This morning we rented snorkel gear! The hotel has all sorts of coral under the bridges and in the lagoons so we were excited. We swam all the way from our bungalow to the far bridge without seeing a…

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Day 9

By Sarah Delamarter / June 10, 2008 /

A quick dip in the blue ocean and we were off to breakfast. From there Thalia Spa. We went all out and purchased our one and only “Honeymoon” package of the trip. We had a two and a half hour treatment that included a deep sea bath in a jacuzzi type tub with seaweed, sea…

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Day 8

By Sarah Delamarter / May 22, 2008 /

Pure relaxation. We woke up early and drank out coffee while sitting in this huge white bed gazing out the window at the incredible sea of turquoise in front of us. It was peaceful, beautiful, and surreal. The next big task was to walk to breakfast. Life here in Bora Bora is very taxing! Daren…

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Day 7- Bora Bora

By Sarah Delamarter / May 21, 2008 /

” WOW, wow, wow, wow , wow”- Alfalfa of the Little RascalsWe are walking the pages of a travel magazine. Bora Bora is breathtaking- green and turquoise. The airport is actually on its own island and we were ferried by boat to the dock of the Intercontinental Bora Bora and Thalaso Spa. At the dock…

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Day 6

By Sarah Delamarter / May 19, 2008 /

Today I got my own moped. I was a little nervous. Daren was a little more nervous and the rental guy was down right scared. I had to do several laps around the hotel parking lot until we were all comfortable enough to put me out on the road. There is one main road that…

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Day 5

By Sarah Delamarter / May 15, 2008 /

Not a cloud in the sky.An early morning swim in the lagoon before 8:00am. A quick workout in the hotel gym. Two half cooked omelette’s for breakfast. And a spot in a lounge chair on the beach. For dinner we went to Coco d’isle, a sand floored local favorite. Daren had a very tasty dish…

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By Sarah Delamarter / May 14, 2008 /

WE SWAM WITH SHARKS! WE SWAM WITH FREAKING SHARKS! This morning the sun came bursting into our room around 5:30 or 6:00. It was beautiful and I got to see my one and only Tahitian sunrise. I curled in and headed back to sleep because I knew I needed my rest. Today we we’re going…

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Day 3- To Moorea!

By Sarah Delamarter / May 13, 2008 /

We went on our first married run today. We ran around the property of our hotel until Daren spotted a gofer like thing and had to squelch the urge to scream like a girl and Sarah figured it was time for room service to shop up anyway. It was fun, easy and very humid. We…

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