gCloth Diaper Diary

By Sarah Delamarter / August 24, 2010 /

I have been cloth diapering my sweet babe for one week now. Day 1Diaper one and all I can think is “I don’t like this at all” and “This is so wet!” But I’ve resolved to give it the old college try and stick to it so I put on another cloth diaper and forge…

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gDiapers takes on The Fair, Camping and Overnights

By Sarah Delamarter / August 17, 2010 /

For days 5-9 gDiapers went on the road with us and proved to be a very accommodating travel companion. First gDiapers came to the county Fair. It was the first time I had to changed one of the gDiapers in public but it turned out to be nothing, to be even a smidgen easier than…

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gDiapers days 3 & 4- The Flood

By Sarah Delamarter / August 11, 2010 /

Day 3- The Flood Georgia had just woken up from a perfect morning nap. Two full hours of sleeping gave me some great time to clean the kitchen, make the beds and enjoy a lovely cup of coffee and then she woke up at just the right time to get her ready to take her…

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