Daddies girls

By Sarah Benson / February 4, 2011 /

A dad and his daughters. Every girl deserves to feel like a daddies girl, and I think my two are well on their way. With Georgia about 10 days old and with Hazel about 6 weeks old

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We love our Ducks!

By Sarah Benson / January 12, 2011 /

Our Duckies may have lost to Auburn by a field goal in the final seconds of the BCS Championship game but we don’t care. This family wears green and gold come rain or come shine. The girls and I suited up at home for the big game while Daren was down cheering on our team…

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An 11 Step Program

By Sarah Benson / January 7, 2011 /

Here is an 11 step program for people who think they may want children. It cracks me up. Currently lesson #3 is my favorite. Lesson 1 1. Go to the grocery store.2. Arrange to have your salary paid directly to their head office.3. Go home.4. Pick up the paper.5. Read it for the last time.…

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My Girls

By Sarah Benson / December 31, 2010 /

My heart. My girls. Hazel Rae is 2 weeks old today and Georgia is 14 1/2 months.

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Easy as 1,2,3…

By Sarah Benson / December 23, 2010 /

One, two, three and we are four. The blessings abound this Christmastime in our home as we welcomed our second daughter 6 days ago today. We are stunned that we have been blessed with two special girls to call our own. I was so certain that we were having a boy that I almost took…

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Public Service Announcement about Pregnancy

By Sarah Benson / December 15, 2010 /

Seeing as I am days, hours or minutes from delivery of my second child thought I would post this friend PSA from the site Pregnant Chicken 10 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Lady 1. “You look so big/small.” Remember when you were a teenager and you didn’t want to be unique in any…

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Break it down for the Holidays

By Sarah Benson / December 9, 2010 /

Our family of four breakin’ it down for the the Holidays. Merry Christmas from Daren, Sarah, Georgia and Due to Arrive Any Day Now Baby #2.

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Suck It Spica!

By Sarah Benson / November 24, 2010 /

On this date, Tuesday November 23rd of Two thousand and ten Hip Dysplasia can suck it. Georgia is walking!

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Black Friday

By Sarah Benson / November 22, 2010 /

To some, it is an occasional outing to catch a good sale. To others, its absurd. But to us, it is a long standing, highly respected, well trained for, much anticipated, girls only ( except for that one year that Uncle Dave came, but you can really take him anywhere) family tradition. We are fairly…

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My little creative

By Sarah Benson / November 16, 2010 /

While busying myself with my normal chores of being the family homemaker I turned around to find my sweet child busying herself with her brand new skill, coloring! My very own little creative found herself a crayon that had been floating around on the floor and put it together with the pink paper she sees…

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