God is Mighty

God is Mighty

God is Mighty.

God is Power.

God is Good.

God is still in control of this world.

God will prevail.

God will make everything right and good.

“Fear not for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I AM YOUR GOD.” Isaiah 41:10

Politicians will not right this world. Only God can. And he will when Jesus comes back in a blaze of glory.

But in the meantime, it’s up to us.

It is up to us to turn off the TV and talk to each other. Every news channel we have is giving us opinions and dividing us further. We are tuning in just to watch people argue! I see enough arguing from the three little people I am raising that I don’t need to see any more for entertainment. Am I right, Mamas?!

Watch the movies that our children are watching and you will see right there how the media is used to give the main characters those swirly eyes that always mean brainwashed.  I think that our country wants to be united more than we are hearing.

Our country has lost the art of tolerance and the beauty of disagreement.

Tolerance doesn’t mean blind acceptance. It should mean seeing someone for all that they are, not agreeing with parts of that, and accepting them still.  Tolerance can mean setting boundaries because maybe you don’t want to be around a particular environment but showing love and respect on both sides.

Disagreement should be when we don’t agree and we can agree on that. Certainly, emotions are involved and our conversations can get heated, but by all means, disagree like the grown-up American’s that we are.  State your case, admit that you don’t see eye to eye and pass the freaking pie!  My life long BFF and I disagree on so many big issues right now. So many! And you know what, we still respect each other and our families and meet for dinner and drinks.

Together, its up to us. Not our politicians to change our country, to bring us back together.

With Gods help all things are possible.

Live loved,




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