Elbow grease

Elbow grease

A little less than 48 hours ago, Georgia tripped during our piggy back ride race. I heard the sound loud enough that I turned to face her before she stood up and said “I can’t feel my arm!”

That began one of the toughest 24 hours of my motherhood career. Her pain was horrible and the break terrible. One ER visit with incredible staff, an ambulance ride to the Children’s Hospital, 18 hours of pain management, 2 hours of surgery, 3 metal pins plus nerve repair work and a 2 night stay all while her Daddy was away on a business trip and couldn’t get back to us.


As the mother it was deeply exhausting to watch and carry. But it’s our honor and duty.

Her inner fighter has never been stronger. She was tough, stoic, spoke up for herself and cried only when she was scared. Georgia truly is remarkable. I am beyond proud of her and her inner strength.


Today we made it home and so begins our 4 weeks of casted healing.


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