The idea of a calling

The idea of a calling


This idea of a calling is a big one. I have this notion that a calling on my life will only be a big one. That if God really has a calling for me its only a ‘real calling’ if its huge. It must be right? If God has come a callin’ its because he has something big, huge, scary, or important for me to do.

Oh and it should take me a long time, with lots of strife, walking by faith and fighting off the spirit of fear each and every morning. Oh ok so I do actually feel this every day with grad school… but I digress.

This isn’t the point that’s on my heart these days. God is calling me and he’s calling you. Not to something big, huge and scary that seem insurmountable. That may come in time. But right now? He’s calling you for today.

Right here, right now. God is giving you a calling for this day. Just this day!


He’s calling. He’s putting a calling on your heart for today.

I’m thinking of David in the books of 1 and 2 Samuel . He was anointed by oil as a boy and ultimately called to be Kind of Israel. Yet, have you heard how long he had to wait for that big, giant, calling to come to fruition?! Over 20 YEARS!  So along with this big life thing, David was also called to the every day.  David still needed to honor his Father, Jesse.  He had to run to food to this brothers out in the fields. He  even still had to tend the sheep as a dirty shepherd.

But get this! While he was living out his calling in the today of his days, God used him mightily and prepared him for his bigger callings that only God knew were coming. God used David’s time in those fields to battle bears with his bare hands! ( did you see how I did that? Bear and Bare. Its the little things! HA)  David also took down lions. Real life Lions! He then went on to slay Goliath. A nearly 10 foot tall giant that no other man in the Israelites arm was brave enough to take on.

You can see the pattern here. David believed in his God. David lived out his calling to obey, to be brave, to walk by faith, to seek God in every day and God used his daily calling on Davids life to do amazing feats.

God wants that for you and me too.

He is calling. Listen.

God is calling us, each one of us to this day.

God is calling you to time with him in prayer and bible study.

God is calling you to get up and make the lunches for your kids.

God is calling you to reach out to that person thats been on your mind all week.

God is calling you say I’m sorry.

God is calling you to say I love you.

God is calling you to love yourself.

God is calling you.

God is calling you to go for a walk and let the solitude wash over you and the beauty of nature to fill your heart.

God is calling you to join that group , that community, that you know you should, but don’t really want to because its scary.

God is calling you to fold your husbands sock in that way that he likes but irritates you because that how your husband feels respected.

God is calling you to today.

God is calling you to live today in all of your gifts and strengths.  To do the little things “as unto the Lord” because this is your calling. Today.

We all have this notion that we need to be called to the big things!

That I can’t just write a neighborhood blog, but that I need to write book! That I can’t just be called to be a stay at home mom, that I need to be in charge of every activity at my kid’s school.

But hear me in this, God is calling you to today and he will use today in big ways.  God called David to be King!  However, he also called David to the everyday.

And it was through those every day acts of obedience, and answers to Gods call for that day, that God made David great.  He used David in mighty ways daily, not just in the big  “I’m a king, I bake from scratch, I write books and have a million IG followers” sort of way.

Listen. God is calling.  He wants to use you today. In this day, in the small ways. In the coffee dates,  I’m thinking about you text, the way you make lunches and get your kids to school on time, in waving to that Mom you are kind of intimidated by because maybe she’s actually having a really hard day, in tying your 6 year olds shoes for the 15th time in 20 minutes and smiling at your child. God is calling you to go back to your kids that you just yelled at and talk it out.

He is calling you because he loves you and he knows that you are capable of living out your calling on this day.

Just as God had big, big plans for David. He has big, big plans for you. Because you are able and capable, but in order for God to use you in those big ways, he needs to be able to use you in the small ways today.

Live out your calling today. Whatever that might be. You know.

Lived loved,


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