I spend a good piece of my morning quiet time praying for clarity on our adoption, clear answers on Gods calling for us in this area, praying against the spirit of confusion. Then I checked my Instagram like I always do and this is one of the first posts that shows up.   

Our next step is so sign the contracts, get the physicals, fingerprints and round up our financials and pay our first large sum of money. 

We are at a stalemate. Do we or don’t we. Is God saying yes or no. Both of us our asking the same questions and getting no concrete answers. Is this so scary because we are meant to do it? Is this really what we are being called to? Or is this just trendy and based only on feelings? 

Neither of us are saying No. Even with all of the information we now have, like how it will take a good 3 years to bring a child home, the discipline contracts that will apply to all of our children,the cost, the rigor of the home study. We are sincerely searching.  

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