Thursday, December 1st 2016. 

We can look to our future with courage because our future is Christ.  -she reads truth advent study 2016 
I’m having a hard time reconciling the idea that all of those years as a child spent pretending that I had a black adopted son were actually holy. It’s a weird concept to accept that God actually places those desires in my 12 year old heart and mind on purpose. That maybe I wasn’t just pretending, maybe I was preparing. I’ve had imaginary conversations with my adopted son for years. I imagined him at 3, at 12, at 28. It’s almost embarrassing how much pretending I’ve done! How much I’ve played house with this scenario over the years and even still as an adult.  

Could this real? Could it really be that God placed a desire in my heart, a seed of his plan for me when I was 9 and 12 that all along he planned to fulfill when I am 40! It’s crazy. Crazy amazing. Crazy beautiful. Crazy courageous.  

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