It was decided! 

It was decided! 

UPDATE: Our journey to adoption ended. Read about my broken heart and hope in the post below.

Death of a Dream


It was decided at 6:24 am on Friday January 27th 2017 while Daren was standing in the shower and I was brushing my teeth.

We get to adopt from Haiti!!!!!

It’s so funny. I was excepting some big moment. Some big life changing conversation where I would laugh and cry.

In reality Daren was in shower as we talked about our kitchen remodel and our adoption deadline and he just smiled a little and said ” ok. I think we should do that too”.

I laughed said ” you are so nonchalant about this!” To which he smiled and said ” I feel all of the layers when I say that.”

I made him say it three more times. I asked him ” so like does this mean that I can write a check today?” At first he said ” I don’t care” and I said “No! I need real words if this is real”. He smiled and said ” yes you can write a check today”.

So I did! Bo and I took the signed contracts and our first big check to AGCI

Finally the answers and the peace I had been waiting for was there. I felt so wrapped up in complete and total peace all that day. Perfect peace. That is Gods peace right there.

So here we go. After 3 years of taking and praying we have another 3 years still to go to bring our child or children home.

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