Hazel Rae

Hazel Rae


Sweet Hazel Rae and I one day shy of 11 weeks old. She is a remarkable baby. Calm, smiley, eats well and sleeps like a dream. Hazel sleeps better than Georgia does on most nights. Two nights ago, at only 10 weeks old, she slept from 9pm to 6:40 am! Incredible.

I do feel that Hazel is more fiesty that Georgia by nature. Which will stand her in good stead against her fabulous sister who is pretty certain she is fabulous too. Hazel Rae is happy unless she isn’t. She doesn’t seem to have any in between. But then as soon as the issue has been handled she is smiling and trying to laugh again. This could prove to get exciting when she’s a teenager, or toddler for that matter.

While I was pregnant I never bought into the notion that once you have one good baby the next one is destined to be a nightmare. I wasn’t about to put that expectation on my precious unborn child. And in our case I was right. I have been so blessed as to have two easy babies in a row and I am immensely grateful.

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  1. Julie D. on March 4, 2011 at 1:05 am

    well, i guess it just means that you are going to have to produce 6 children to keep Grandma and Aunties happy! 🙂

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