You’ve got personality

You’ve got personality

A brief glimpse into the developing personality of my fantastic child.

This morning while sharing breakfast at an outdoor cafe I turned back to Georgia just in time to see her drop her piece of croissant to feed the friendly white bird that had come over to say hi. I laughed and said ” no feeding the birds, baby”. I then tore off a few more pieces of our shared croissant and put them on the table for Georgia to eat herself. I said one more time ” this is is Georgia to eat. Georgia eats this, don’t feed it o the birds”.

With that my girl picks up a piece of bread, holds it up to her mouth until I drop my bird guarding hand then launches her food down onto the ground and the bird. Very clever Little Miss!

I laughed out loud at her new found tricks and sly ideas. The elderly lady at the next table over didn’t find it nearly as funny, so I pretended that I didn’t see her throw the next few pieces.

As the quote says ” never apologize for your children Because those with kids will understand and those without never will”.

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