Your day of all days

Your day of all days

If we didnt have birthdays, you wouldn’t be you.
If you’d never been born, well then what would you do?
If you’d never been born, well then what would you be?
You might be a fish! Or a toad in a tree!
You might be a doorknob! Or three baked potatoes!
You might be a bag full of hard green tomatoes.
Or worse than all that…why you might be a WASN’T !
A Wasn’t has no fun at all. No, he doesn’t.
A Wasn’t just isn’t. He just isnt present.
But you… You ARE YOU! And now isn’t that pleasant!

Come on! Open your mouth and sound off at the sky!
Shout loud at the top of your voice, ” I AM I!
I am I!
And I may not know why
But I know I like it.
Three cheers! I AM I!”
Sing loud, “I am lucky!” Sing loud, “I am I!”

Today you are you! That is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is you- er than you!
Shout loud, “I am lucky to be what I am!
Thank goodness I’m not just a clam or a ham
Or a dusty old jar of sour gooseberry jam!
I am what I am! That’s a great thing to be!
If I say so myself ” Happy Birthday To Me!”

– dr seuss

Happy birthday my sweet girl, my joyful Georgia.
I love you just because you’re you.

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