The Greatest Show on Earth

The Greatest Show on Earth

Last weekend we were treated to The Greatest Show on Earth. For the last several years my mom has taken all of her grandchildren and their mothers to the Circus and has made us “Circus Celebraties” . This means that we get to sit in the front two rows and at one point during the show are all paraded down onto the three ringed floor and we get to watch certain acts up close and very personal. It is a great time always had by all!

This was, of course, Georgia’s very first circus and she rocked it! She didn’t cry but once when she wanted another french fry. She laughed and waved to the clowns and marveled at all of the lights and animals. I was so proud of her!

Here she is in her first ever Reserved Seat

The show is about to start and its exciting!

And sometimes nerve wracking,

My mom with her two Granddaughters. One is eating cotton candy and the other french fries. My mother was so proud!

Notice cousin Kate, who is 11 months older that Georgia and the only other girl in the family, taking care of her with her sweet arm wrapped around Georgia’s tiny shoulder.

Tired Girl, tired Mom.

The End.

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  1. Julie on September 13, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    so great! so glad the girls got to experience their first 'show' together!! 🙂

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