I want this to be a girl…no boy…no girl…no boy

I want this to be a girl…no boy…no girl…no boy

This baby is baking away perfectly in my belly. We are in our 24th week which means we have entered into Viable Baby Zone and are nearing the end of our second trimester. Daren and I choose to take the high road and not find out early who we are having. We love it and it lines up perfectly with who I am. My favorite part of Christmas is that moment right before you open your presents and are filled to the brim with anticipation. I have never been a present snooper. So much so that you could put the box right in front on me, unwrapped, and tell me not to peak…and I wouldn’t. So why would I peak in on this, the biggest and best, of all gifts given to me.

We have made it through our two ultra sounds successfully not finding out who we are having. Still, in any given week I sway back and forth between wanting one or the other.

The standard saying “I just want this to be a healthy baby” fully applies in all cases.

I want this to be a Girl because:
– We have one girl and she’s fabulous. Why not have two fabulous girls?!
– I already know how to fall in love with a baby girl so it just makes more sense
-I don’t have a sister. When I was little I was jealous of my two brothers because they each got to have a brother and a sister and all I got were two brothers.
-The Mother/Daughter relationship is intrinsically complex, rich and deep, and I think it would be even more so if there were three of us.

Why I want this baby to a boy:
– Georgia was born at 2:34 and until about 2:35 last October 15th I had only ever seen myself as the mother of boys.
-I love the rough and tumble home of a home with boys over the perfectly prissy house of all females
-I like the balance having a brother/sister duo would bring to them. He would be invited to her tea parties and she would have her own GI Joes.
-A beautiful girl with an athletic brother in the locker rooms is harder to talk about and/or date.
-I adore my two brothers. Always have. Always will.

Only God and Baby B know who is in there, and I figure God still knows best. So whomever we meet in late December will be the perfect addition to this family and a dream come true.

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