gCloth Diaper Diary

gCloth Diaper Diary

I have been cloth diapering my sweet babe for one week now.

Day 1
Diaper one and all I can think is “I don’t like this at all” and “This is so wet!” But I’ve resolved to give it the old college try and stick to it so I put on another cloth diaper and forge ahead. My process is still pretty inefficient since I don’t want to change everything and invest in the wetbags and whatnot if I’m not going to be using cloth diapers for a very extended amount of time. Right now I’ve decided to toss the dirty cloth diapers into the diaper pail and I already have and toss out the wipes. Then I plan to do one load of diapers at night that will then be ready for use by morning.

Day 2
I feel like she is always damp! The website says that your baby has to be changed every 2 hours or they will get diaper rash but they say nothing about this always damp feeling that seems to be covering her at all times. I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing yet. I’m still trying to find the best way to pull out the wet insert without it touching everything in site and just figure out this whole cloth diapering thing period. The hybrid inserts were so easy to adjust too but I’m have more frustration transitioning to the cloth inserts. Still, I’m going to keep on keeping on.

Day 3
I’m getting better at this and it is slowly beginning to feel like I might be able to do this. I’m still fighting the always damp feel and I don’t like my baby to smell like urine so I don’t know how often I am really going to need to change her in a day. This feels a little crazy, but not as crazy as it did three days ago. It is working out pretty well to just dump the cloth inserts into the diaper pail I already have, the big downside is that at the end of the day I have to reach in and pull each on out by hand and transfer them into the bathroom garbage can to carry them downstairs to the laundry room. HA! I really want to love using these cloth diapers. I really want to love this and save my family money. If I do end up in love, or at least in deep like with the gCloths, I will need to get a pail liner that I can pull out rather than the dipping my hands into the bin every night.

Day 4
For this time I have gone all cloth all the time. I pack a gallon size ziploc bag with me to use at my wet bag and have Georgia in gCloths and only the cloth. I figure that if I’m going to do this I want to do it all the way, and after I’m used to it I can decide if I want to take the disposable hybrid inserts with me when I’m out. For this time, it is easier for me to only use one diapering system at a time. With that said, I am taking all of my cloth diapers to the Farm with us for the weekend. One full weekend away with the cloth diapers.
In a HUGE positive, I have been putting two cloth inserts on G at night and we haven’t had one leak or problem. She is actually staying very dry and comfortable at night. And that is a big giant relief and positive points for the gCloths.

Day 5
Finally! Finally I have solved the always damp issue. After doing some more research on the gDiaper site I reread that the liner needs to go in the creases of the legs, just like underoos do, and after adjusting the liner to fit into its place the dampness has gone away. Hooray! Now I feel like my baby girl can go a reasonable amount of time in one cloth diaper and not smell or feel damp after 45 minutes. We are out at the Farm and I’m really starting to get the hang of this. I have a few Ziplocs where I’m tossing the dirties and then I am still one the same schedule of washing my one load of diapers at night and have them all ready again in the morning.

Day 6
This is getting easier. I don’t hate cloth diapers today. I know what the expect with a normal cloth diaper change and that is probably the most helpful thing. I feel that I know how to handle the wetness and the dirtiness and have a simple plan in place for how to store the diapers and how and when to clean them. Today, I am not in deep love with the gCloth diapers but I am not loathing them either. This is getting better.

Day 7
No pins. No folding. No soaking. As far as cloth diapers go, I believe that these are about as easy as they come. I am feeling more confidant in this process and feeling like I can do this for awhile. I do need another pack of the gCloth inserts since I use up my whole stock in a day and it would be nice to have a few more in the drawer each morning, just in case the nightly load isn’t dry. After getting home from the Farm I found that I needed to use one of the hybrid inserts while the diapers were in the dryer and was shocked with what I found. At changing time, I felt that the disposable inserts actually took longer to deal with post change than the cloth! My beloved flushables take more time post change to tear, tear, swish and flush than it takes me to toss the cloth in the bin. I laughed outloud when I had the thought “I wish I had a cloth!”

I may be a full convert yet.
The pigs are not soaring through the skies flying with freedom and flare, but the pigs have sprouted wings and gotten off the ground. The unthinkable, the unlikely is starting to happen. I am starting to actually like the cloth diapers.

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