gDiapers takes on The Fair, Camping and Overnights

gDiapers takes on The Fair, Camping and Overnights

For days 5-9 gDiapers went on the road with us and proved to be a very accommodating travel companion.

First gDiapers came to the county Fair. It was the first time I had to changed one of the gDiapers in public but it turned out to be nothing, to be even a smidgen easier than changing a disposable. I have found that I don’t have to “preload the Little G” like they tell you too on the videos on their website. So I can leave my baby’s bare bum resting on the liner inside of her Little g pants and and then life her legs and slide insert right in. Being able to do this at the Fair made it so that her tiny little toosh was spared from any splinters the wooden bleachers may have tried to impose upon her. It was quick and easy and I tossed the insert with my empty peach milkshake cup and we were done with it.

Then gDiapers took on tent camping with us in Central Oregon. She swam in her blue little swimmers, I think it was her Shilo Pitt moment wearing boy cloths. That or I bought the wrong ones! Then she wore her Little G pants for the rest of the day and slept in the remaining Pampers diapers that I had taken with us. Not one leak or problem the entire weekend. Plus, I felt a nice sense of accomplishment about tossing away the biodegradable inserts while camping out in the wilderness.

Once home I was finally out of the back up Pampers. Now I was no longer just getting my feet wet, I was swimming. It came to be that Georgia had to sleep overnight in her Little G Pants. I checked it out on their gDiaper website and it suggests that you put two inserts into the Little g’s for over night. So with fingers crossed and plans to do an entire load of crib sheets and baby cloths in the morning I doubled up the inserts and put her to bed. Much to my happy surprise she woke up dry! Again no leaks, no rashes, no trouble.

All in all gDiapers took on The Fair, Camping and Overnights like a champ.

Now onto today… The cloth diaper portion of this trial has officially begun with Miss Georgia Sweet sitting next to me right now wearing her first ever cloth diaper.

Now, time to see if pigs really do fly…

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