gDiapers trial day 2

gDiapers trial day 2

Today is day two of my two week trial with the gDiapers and I still like them and find them adorable.

They actually are simple to use. In truth, they are not as simple as a true disposable diaper but they are still easy. With a disposable you take it off and wrap it up on itself and toss it into the bucket. With these you there are a few extra steps with the loading of the gDiaper, the tearing of the sides, swish and of course, the walk to the bathroom. All in all those steps only take a minute or two more and I am curious to see if that time lapse shortens even more once I have a routine in place. For me, when my rating scale of easy to hard diaper changes runs the gauntlet from normal disposable diapers all they way up to Spica Cast diapering, these are pretty stinking easy.

I did have one small set back this morning when the inner lining of the insert fell not into the toilet where it belongs but onto the floor of my bathroom. The insert was swinging back and forth while I held it by a corner and worked to tear the two sides off and splat, onto the floor it fell into its tiny disintegrating pieces. Therefore I had to proceed to wash my bathroom floor while half dressed about ready to step into the shower. I don’t know many women who like to spend that much time in the reaching for the floor to clean position while in that particular state of attire.

Today’s enlightened moment was when I realized the simple notion, that if we go with these gDiapers permanently it would be very handy to have a swish stick next to each toilet in the house. That way no matter where you change your baby you can walk it to the nearest bathroom, not just hiking it upstairs to the one with the sparkly clean floor.

I was laughing today as I exclaimed to Daren what a silly sense of accomplishment I feel as I flush these things. It just feels like “Ta Da” I just flushed a diaper!

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  1. CulyQFun on August 9, 2010 at 2:04 am

    How are the covers working for you? HAve they leaked yet?

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