Miss G in her LittleG’s – gDiaper trial day 1

Miss G in her LittleG’s – gDiaper trial day 1

As life would have it, I have found a touch of hippie in me and Motherhood has been really trying to bring it out. I’ve been trying to make my own baby food, but Georgia won’t eat it. This fact makes me laugh every time I think of it. She prefers the organic stuff in the jar over just about anything I mix up in my new Magic Bullet and offer to her.

When I say a touch of hippie that is exactly what I mean. More like a smidge or a dash of hippie. I recycle, as long as its convinent. We eat the mostly organic food, the dirty dozen of fruits and veggies and much of our meat and dairy but if there is a sale on something non-organic I don’t hesitate to go that route and Doritos and Hershey’s Bars have yet to be seen with an organic stamp. I like to use all natural Butt Paste and washes on my baby if I have them, but it doesn’t bother me if we’re at the farm and I use whatever is available. I nursed my baby the best I could for six months but when it was time to switch to formula I was not afraid that I would be giving my baby “poison in a can”. I enjoy pursing the most healthy options I can find for my family but sometimes it is not the most economical way to stay on budget.

So a smidgen of hippie it is and today I purchased our first two week trial of a cloth/disposable hybrind diaper called gDiapers.
I have been so surprised by how much I spend on diapers each month. And with another adorable baby booty on its way I started to look into other options that were affordable and easy. My priorities in finding a new diapering option are 1.Affordabliity. and 2. Ease.

I know that, especially in the part of the country I live in, I’m supposed to be this all organic, cloth diaper loving, baby food making, non-chemical wearing, music class going, non-spanking, no sugar giving, always covered in sunscreen mother and I’m just not. Its the new Super Mom of this decade. As Mother’s we’re no loner looked down on if we don’t work outside of the house, but we are looked down on if we give our children sugar and choose an epidural over an all natural delivery. As women we all get to be whatever kind of mother we want to be and we each mother out of who we already are and I was not the Earth Mother before I became Georgia’s mother. Though I am finding I am turing into a bit of a hybrid, just like the gDiapers.

My cousin first introduced the brand to me and after much research I have decided to give them a try. According to my math, after the initial invesment the insterts are cheaper per diaper than the disposables that I use. I bought the starter kit at the Whole Foods up the block which includes 2 LIttle G pants, a swish stick, and 32 biodgradable intert refills. The refills either flush, compost or toss. The website has videos of each and I am going to flushing route during the trial while we’re at home and then the tossing when we’re out and about. I just flushed my first one and it actually did break up and go down without any problems in our 101 year old plumbing.

Four hours into my two week gDiaper trial and I like them. We’ll see how I feel in two weeks and if it does actually end up to be a more economical choice for our family.

I’ll keep you posted.

Here is my Miss G sporting her gPants this morning.

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  1. Julie on August 9, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    LOVE this post!! She is so stinking adorable and is that blonde hair she is sporting?! Cute little G diapers…hope they work for you!

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