Affidavit to my Family

Affidavit to my Family

We will

We will celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and good grades

We will have Valentine’s Day dinners and St Patty’s Day breakfasts

We will go on walks, hikes, and bike rides

We will go fishing

We will have last day of school parties and first day of spring parties

We will celebrate Christmas, Easter, and sometimes Tuesdays

We will play board games and video games together

We will laugh

We will love

We will have inside jokes and food fights

We will have dinner as a family and prayer before bedtime

We will have Funny Hat Day and parade ourselves through office buildings

We will have curtains that double as cover from water balloons and closet monsters

We will deliver May Day flowers to the neighbors

We will have Father’s Day surprises and Mother’s Day gifts

We will fight fairly and hug it out

We will have dance parties in the kitchen

We will celebrate each other

We will be a family.

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