Long live the Family Camping Trip

Long live the Family Camping Trip

Over the weekend we embarked on on final camping excursion of the summer. I do love camping…but I also love that I don’t have to sleep in a tent again during this pregnancy! You think its hard getting dressed when you can’t bend at the waist under normal circumstances, try it in a tent!After each time I had to change my cloths, which was often since we were at the beautiful Cove Palisades in Central Oregon with the standard mountain climate of cold to hot to cold, I would end by just laying on our tent bed panting with exhaustion like I had just climbed a mountain. Daren would hang around and laugh at the sounds of my trying to dress and then be there to pull me up to my feet when I was ready to get out of the tent. I was really grateful for that!
Aside from the dressing challenges and the uncomfortable napping, for a normal person this would have been sleeping time but at 7 1/2 months pregnant in a tent its a nap, we had a really great time.

The sights of this part of the state are some of my favorite. The huge canyons with the rivers running through them and the unique rock formations are incredible.
Daren was the king of the wake board,
his dad was the leader of the family ski team

Nathan was on guard duty with the giant water gun
and my mother in law, Judy, was on sunscreen watch
while I spent much of my time jumping into the cold waters of Lake Billy Chinook and calling the other people sissy’s and big girls for not joining me.

30 weeks and a built in flotation device.

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  1. Julie on August 19, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    so cute!! how beautiful

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