“Good Day”

“Good Day”

“Stay tuned for news.”

A man whom I remember throughout my childhood as much as any almost anyone.
I vividly remember driving through town with my parents and hanging on his every word, loving the way he sounded and how he put the news into words I could understand.
Paul Harby, as I called him for years, I will miss you.
And thats the Rest of the Story.

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  1. Ann On and On... on March 5, 2009 at 1:17 pm

    Every time I see your header it makes me smile. It is so beautiful!

    I hope you are still interested in the “I love being Carded!” card swap. We are almost ready to begin….

    Please contact me through email: amerskine@hotmail.com

    Include the name you want to use and the address where you want cards sent. Thanks!

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