Day 11- Honey I’m coming home

Day 11- Honey I’m coming home

They aren’t kidding when they say check out is at 11:00.

We were called at 10:50 and told someone would be there to pick up our bags in 5 minutes. We walked out and the cleaning crew walked into bungalow 206 literally right behind us.

We woke up early, went to breakfast and took one final swim in the perfect turquoise lagoon then pack up all of our things and were sitting on the couch waiting when the porter showed up at 10:55.

We check out email in the business center, worked out in the gym then laid by the pool for our last house of the Tahitian sun…and we are ready to say goodbye to it.

Our shuttle to the airport was at 5:10 pm so they gave US day room with a shower for 45 minutes that afternoon. It was nice and convenient enough. Again, this place has been lovely and a beautiful honeymoon but we are ready for our real lives now.

We had about an hour flight to Papeete and then a 7 1/2 hour flight on Air Tahiti to LA. That flight left at 10:00pm Tahiti time. It was a jam packed overnight flight with truly terrible food! The dinner option was fish or veal. FISH OR VEAL?! Who eats fish or veal on an airplane? Let alone having those be your only choices. HA! Sick. For the in flight breakfast I had a curious looking version of a breakfast burrito and Daren’s french toast looked just like meatloaf! ha!

We are now on the last leg of our journey home and into our real world lives and marriage. We are very travel tired, very tan, and very content.

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