Day 9

Day 9

A quick dip in the blue ocean and we were off to breakfast. From there Thalia Spa.

We went all out and purchased our one and only “Honeymoon” package of the trip. We had a two and a half hour treatment that included a deep sea bath in a jacuzzi type tub with seaweed, sea salts and a glass of champagne, a full body massage, facial massage and foot reflexology. The massage tables looked down through a glass bottom floor into the private lagoon full of coral and fantastically colored fish. It was wildly relaxing.

After our treatments were were able to walk all around the facilities and try out the cold water blanch, private jacuzzi looking out to the ocean and their rain showers . It was very relaxing and very worth it!

Lunch was at Sands, the hotel lunch spot, where we split a pizza and Daren rescued a hermit crab who was wandering around the restaurant deck.

We finally ventured off of the reef to the main island for dinner. The hotel has a boat shuttle between it and the Intercontinental Moana. Not a bad way to travel!

Dinner was at Matera Beach, a place highly recommended to us by our hotel staff. They served us what they called a coconut and cheese cappuccino. It came in a small coffee mug with a straw and it was amazing! The rest of the food was pretty good but that cappuccino thing was really the highlight.

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  1. Julie on June 10, 2008 at 4:50 pm

    first of all, wowza, sarah! you look HOT in that dress! Now that coconut and cheese cappucino is not something I’d like to see at Starbucks. I was drooling hearing about your spa experience. You only honeymoon once!

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