Day 7- Bora Bora

Day 7- Bora Bora

” WOW, wow, wow, wow , wow”- Alfalfa of the Little Rascals
We are walking the pages of a travel magazine. Bora Bora is breathtaking- green and turquoise. The airport is actually on its own island and we were ferried by boat to the dock of the Intercontinental Bora Bora and Thalaso Spa. At the dock we were met by two Tahitian men dressed in local traditional warrior costumes and a blond french girl who spoke great English. They loaded us onto our own private golf cart and escorted us to the front desk. All the while Daren and I are completely stunned by the intense beauty of this place.

Once at the front desk area we are escorted past the check in counter and out onto a beautiful and modernly decorated foyer where two glasses of local fruit juices are waiting for us. We sat down at our table and looked at each other and at the water and at the view of the main island and just started laughing. Neither of us has ever been treated in such an exclusive manner before. The blond french girl came back and we filled out all of our international travel paperwork right there at our table with the turquoise water, breathtaking island views and fantastic local juices.

Next were again taken to a private golf cart and given a tour of the property that ended at our over water bungalow, #206,

WOW! Everyplace we looked Daren and I just kept saying “Wow!”. The woman guiding on the tour of our bungalow laughed and said in her thick french accent “They always just say wow.”

This place is bigger than our house! Bungalow 206 is the very last one and offers nearly complete privacy from any other guests and its totally a luxury bungalow. The coffee table in the living area is all glass and looks right down into the water. ( please note the photos do not do justice since they were taken on a disposable camera)

The bedroom is a beautiful white bed that faces a huge floor to ceiling window! Stunning. The view from the window is nothing but miles of turquoise water with one sailboat in the distance. This place it so beautiful is ridiculous.

Outside the sliding glass door is a large upper deck that is covered by a woven palm leaf roof and has two lounge chairs and a small glass table that just begs for room service. From there are the stairs leading down to the little bottom deck! So cool!

The bottom deck is he perfect place to drench yourself in sun and has a ladder into the water. Daren made a pledge to do a cannon ball off of the bottom beck every day.

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