The Bridesmaid Dresses

The Bridesmaid Dresses

Every wedding deserves its last minute emergency and this is the story of ours as written by my mother.

Ten—- that’s the number of attendants my daughter chose to stand up with her at her wedding next week. Nine bridesmaids and one bridesman!!! The brides man clothing was easy to decide on as he will wear whatever tux the groomsmen wear. The girls however are a different story. One now lives in Virginia, one in Nashville, one in Spokane the rest in our area.One is a model, one is a Mother of 3, one is 8 weeks pregnant and one is 8 months pregnant!!!So the choosing of the dresses is vitally important.

The shoes were chosen first. Red of course, Sarah’s favorite. Even she, as the bride is wearing red shoes.The dresses—– style, length, color. 2 redheads, 3 blonds, 4 brunettes of various shades.hmmmIt was settled. The wedding would be somewhat ethereal with neutral colors and small touches of red. The reception following is to be a “big red party”Champagne color for the dresses, order 15 weeks out from a reputable formal shop. We are all set. Rest easy!!!!!

Fast forward 14 weeks——–Did you know dyeable shoes are hard to find and it takes 3 weeks to get them dyed?Shoes not here in time . Thank God for Zappos 9 pair red heels ordered!The dresses arrive in Seattle, friends pick them up and bring them to us; they are distributed; bridesmaids try them on——The girls begin talking about really needing a tan, of needing to have the dresses altered to fit, one of my sons makes unflatering comments about the dress to his wife. It really can’t be that bad!!!

One of my daughters inlaw cannot get the dress altered as she is now pregnant and it can’t be let out.I take the dress home to contemplate. Try it with the red shoes I have THE DRESS IS PEACH!!black shoe, white shoes– nothing really works. I decide to try the dress on. Great decision– It is absolutely not acceptable.

12 days until the wedding.Thank God for Nordstoms —-overnight delivery of The Little Black Dress but wait– are you aware that even though they list all these sizes they may not have them all ready to ship? Well consider yourself warned.That was Tuesday.

Today is Thursday one more Thursday before the wedding.All 9 girls have at least one black dress , some have 2, one has 4 and the 8 months pregnant girl has 5. Nordstroms has a really great return policy.We have gone from ethereal to elegant in black. It really WILL make the gorgeous Bride stand out. Still all in red shoes.

2 flower girls in red
8 ring bearers and a red wagon.
9 days to go until the big day.
It will be a great day—— gorgeous bride,—— wonderful groom.
A real WHOO HOO day!!

P.S. I think I’ll wear red shoes

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  1. Lacey Lichi on April 26, 2008 at 12:11 am

    I can hear your mom telling this story! I love it. It will all be perfect and you won’t be able to imagine it any other way. I so wish I was there!!!!

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