Forty-three hours and counting until I get to ( have to ) run my first half marathon. My sweet runner of a fiance has run many of these half marathons as well as three full marathons so to him this is just another week with a race at the end of it. For me its a week with a race at the end of it! A long race at the end of it. In fact, the longest that I’ve ever run race at the end of it. I have not run 13.1 miles ever in my life. Twice now I’ve run 10 miles but that’s still not 13. I stopped racing in high school because of my intense race anxiety and now I’ve done it to myself again. And now I’m locked in. I am not quiting unless I lose a leg in a shark attack between now and 7:00am Sunday morning. But I sure am nervous…

Daren is already trying to sign us up for three more races! Two more half’s and one 12K. I keep thinking I don’t even know if I can, let alone like, to do one half let alone two more.

Note to future Brides-to-be: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT agree after two martins to run your first half marathon with the fiance you adore three weeks before your wedding just because he smiles at you with his cute dimple and gives you a high five and coffee after every run. It makes you freak out! Not only do you spend your time having to count RSVPs and moving boxes but miles too.

A few weeks back when Daren and I were running one of his favorite trail runs he looks around and says “You know, you don’t really see too many couples out here running.” I said “No Kidding, its because it makes ’em break up!” HA! I have run many an angry mile these past few months training for this race and it better pay off. Yeah, if this isn’t an awesome experience Daren is going to have to do more than buy me coffee and give me a high five…he’s going to have to take Pilates. Take that sucker!

Maybe Sunday at 9:00am I’ll be singing a different tune…but for now its Anxiety by Black Eyed Peas.


  1. Studlows on April 4, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    Sarah, you will do great and I think adrenaline will power you through those last 3.1 miles that are “uncharted territory” for you. Having run several long races myself, I would only encourage you to start out slow and build instead of going out fast and fading….just from experience! You have worked so hard, have fun!!

  2. Julie on April 4, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    You WILL love it. You CAN do it!! It is so FUN and so awesome. You are more than ready. Kick his butt AND make him take pilates! that will show him. Will be praying for you and thinking about you Sunday morning. YOU CAN DO IT!! I’ll join you on the other side of baby #3! 😉

  3. Lacey Lichi on April 5, 2008 at 1:18 am

    You are so gonna rock it! And Daren will look very sweet in Yoga pants doing Pilates with you! Anthony told me that he didn’t think that I could run a marathon or even a half marathon. Not one to be told what I can’t do- when I am done nursing baby number 3 I will begin training. I started running after baby number 2 and then had the fabulous surprise of our 3rd, and last, child. I will call you for pointers! Good luck.

  4. Julie on April 5, 2008 at 3:00 am

    mmmmm, sounds like ms. lacey and I have something in common. My husband told me “you don’t understand how hard it will be to run a half”… Half marathon down after #2. showed him. Marathon was in the works…. Surprise baby #3. marathon now planned for after surprise AND LAST baby #3.;)

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