Shower Season

Shower Season

Daren and I had out first wedding shower last weekend. I do an annual trip with my college crew to Schweitzer Mountain each winter. When it began it was just the 7 girls…now it has 8 girls, 4 husbands, 1 fiance, and 4 1/2 kids! We had a total of 17 people at the mountain house over President’s Day weekend. It was such a blast.

They threw up a surprise wedding shower that was so much fun. We got everything from a beach word game book, to champagne, to flip flops- Daren’s were a size 11 woman’s! HA!- to the unmentionables that can only be given to an engaged couple by their very best college friends who you then, love you now, and will still with you then. Thank you Glow girls for the wonderful and hysterical shower!
It is a true blessing in life to have a core group of female friends to call on when you need advice, opinions, support, prayer, or just somebody to laugh at the funny thing you saw on the street today. We have been friends for a decade and it gets better and better. It was even suggested by one of the husbands at “Glow Camp” that nearly 75% of the things we say are not new communications but reworkings of prank war stories and inside jokes. Poor Daren suffered the brunt of our most precious and secret inside joke of all…but doesn’t he look cute doing it.

Sorry. No explanation will be given. What happened in the Glow house back in 2oo1 stays at the Glow house with Tyler and Marsala.

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  1. Peplynpak on February 27, 2008 at 12:24 am

    So great to meet Big D!!! Can’t wait for the wedding…

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