How to Look Good Naked

How to Look Good Naked

Ladies is you have not yet seen this show you must! No excuses or exceptions. Its wonderfully real, truthful and inspiring. Here is the link. I don’t know how to make it all fancy like Julie does yet but find the schedule on watch it.

We women waste so much time and emotional energy trying to look like something that is genetically impossible for 99% of us. And you know what, we feel like failures and un-beautiful women because we can attain some unhealthy, unrealistic body. Its crap. Total crap through and through.

As we look through magazines full of beautiful models we classify them and their bodies as perfect and then make the assumption that only perfection is beautiful. Ask any quality man around and you will find out that this is so not the case! Curves are beautiful, flat chests are hot, big boobs are hot, cellulite doesn’t really matter that much, tall is in, short is in…its all good enough and beautiful.

When we talk to ourselves and tell ourselves how fat an imperfect we are we miss out on lots and lots of life. My mom, who has always been a fit and beautiful women, now says how much she missed out on because she thought she was too fat to wear a swim suit and plopped herself firmly on the sidelines of life. I refuse to be that woman in my own life and I urge you to do the same. Live life the way you want to! Screw bad body image! Rock what you’ve got with all the confidence of a starving model who is in fact just as insecure as you and me.

No no one has to be perfect to be beautiful! Not even you.

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  1. StevieZ & The Funkybunch on January 18, 2008 at 3:24 am

    I would like my daily bowl of ice cream now please!! 😉

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