Daren and Sarah’s First Halloween

Daren and Sarah’s First Halloween

Halloween went a little something like this…

“What are you going to be for Halloween Daren?”

“Sarah, what does your Dad dress us as for Halloween?”

“Nothing. I’ve never seen him dress up.”

“That’s because he is a good man.”

I went as Rocky Balboa and Daren….went as an x-ray tech. 🙂

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  1. Christy on November 1, 2007 at 9:02 pm

    That is so funny! Yeah..the ‘x-ray tech’ doesn’t dress up…but wait til his little girl with HUGE blue eyes and curly pigtails says, ‘Daddy…PlEASE be the king, so I can be the princess..’!! He will throw on a crown and robe so fast…I think he’ll surprise himself!!

    ps–I sure hope those scrubs are clean….

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