We Met, We Fell in Love, We got engaged

We Met, We Fell in Love, We got engaged

We met at the Brazen Bean on Wednesday May 9th 2007 on a blind date. We agreed to meet for just one drink and ended up staying for 5 hours! Our second date lasted 12 hours and included 3 resturants, 1 wine bar, a donut shop, and the ice cream shop. It was so much fun amd we have been pretty much insperarable since.

Four months after our first date on Wednesday September 5th 2007 Daren took me back to the Brazen Bean for a drink. We hadn’t been back there together since our first date. ( With this in mind I was very suspicious about the evening. So, I got all dolled up, charged my phone battery, charged my camera battery…you know…just in case. 🙂 ) At one point during our nervous drinking of the infamous Brazen Bean martini I did spot what could possibly be a ring box in his coat pocket! It was either that or a pack of gum but thats when I started to get really really nervous/excited and sent a text to m y best friend saying “This is so much fun”. He said it was time to go so that we could get to our reservations but he would not tell me where we were going to dinner so we just start walking down the sidewalk. I couldn’t think of a single place to eat in the direction we were walking but I get lost a lot so I thought maybe I was wrong. About tow blocks down the street Daren slowed down a little and I thought to myself “Here? Right next to this empty building?” But then we walked a little farther and three blocks later Daren slows to a stop and I look down and see ” I heart SD” written in pink sidewalk chalk. I look at it, then looked at him and just started to cry. (So did he but I’m not supossed to tell you that)Daren then went on to talk about how he had seen me walking to the Bean the night we met and this was the spot that he first saw me and where he first fell in love with me. He then got down on one knee….at this point I start hopping up and down, literally toss my purse to the side somewhere and have the biggest smile I have ever had on my tear streaked face. He then looks me directly in my eyes and says “Will you marry me?” It took me a few seconds to actually be able to speak then I let out a “Yes!” Daren jumped up and hugged me and opened the ring box to reveal a perfect perfect perfect engagment ring. We both just stood and stared at it for a minute until he finally said “Take it”. He put the ring on my finger and I have never felt more bliss in my life! He then took me to the Ringside Steakhouse for dinner…which was perfect. 🙂 I told him that I had remembered everything that night except for my waterproof mascara! HA! It was a beautiful, perfect engagment that is everything I have ever dreamt it could be.


  1. Julie on October 10, 2007 at 3:50 am

    LOVE IT!!! However, I recommend you call this blog…FOOTSIES. ha, ha! Can’t wait to see this blog and wedding planning unfold. woohoo!
    bridesmaid #10 😉

  2. Christy on October 17, 2007 at 12:56 am

    GOSH!! That was really romantic…and SO, so, sweet!! Great details! You painted a very vivid story in my mind….gave me butterflies….or maybe that’s nausea and I have the flu again…no…think those are butterflies!!:o)

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